A firm favourite with families; the Venture Ranger 162 is stable, highly versatile and supremely hard wearing. Whatever your skill level, the Ranger 162 won’t disappoint; its relatively flat hull is remarkably stable and allows beginners to progress with confidence or intermediates to push their limits and reach the next level, and thanks to the low profile design you won’t have to fight to stay on course even in windy conditions.

The Venture Ranger 162 really will do it all, and reliably too! You can enjoy a tandem trip down a gentle river, take on some whitewater, paddle around a calm lake with the kids or even lash two Ranger 162s together, load them up and construct a sailing A-frame to blast off on an epic adventure with your closest friends.

CoreLite X Construction

The CoreLite X Ranger 162 is a solid investment as a first canoe or part of a fleet; you get all the same benefits as standard CoreLite, as well as an impressively stiff hull that offers crisp and clear performance, a weight reduction of approximately 4kg that means even younger paddlers can handle it both on and off the water, and increased durability that means it’ll take paddlers right through from their first paddle strokes to the biggest trips of their lives.


With the Venture Hunter, your family will all be in the same boat – literally.

The Hunter is a truly versatile load-carrying expert; fill it up with people or equipment and it’ll take you anywhere you want to go. A relatively flat hull profile gives the Hunter superb stability, which lends itself well to beginners or those who want their adventure photos to be in sharp focus!

Designed for long distance touring, the Venture Hunter has heaps of space and plenty of speed to help you achieve that next big expedition goal in comfort, as well as being equally at home on a simple family day trip, with enough load capacity for the most extravagant of lakeside picnics.

CoreLite X Construction

The Venture Hunter is big, but in CoreLite X it’s far from a burden; you get all the same benefits as standard CoreLite, as well as an impressively stiff hull that cuts beautifully through water, a significant weight reduction of approximately 5kg that makes all the difference when you’re packed up to the gunwales with kit, and increased durability which means no matter how epic your adventure is, you won’t have to worry about damaging your canoe.