Used Inventory

P&H Cetus MV: $3,000

Built to go the distance…

Unsurpassed speed and comfort in a traditional sea kayak, this Cetus leaves the competition in its wake.

A beautiful, like new example!

Current Designs, Squall: $700

The Squall is a sleek and efficient roto-molded kayak ready for any of the world’s waters.

It’s a sporty day-tripping kayak capable of extended trips, while also delivering great performance and fun.  An adjustable seat backrest is standard.

Venture Islay 14 SOT: $700

Designed as a performance touring Sit-On-Top, the Islay 14 bridges the gap between a recreational SOT and a traditional closed cockpit touring kayak.

Great deal, like new!

P&H Aries 150: $1,000


Own a piece of history!  This pro-paddler’s kayak is now available to the public!

Day touring or pounding the surf, the versatile Aries 150 is just for you!  Perfect for the medium-sized paddler looking to dominate the sea!

Eddyline Whisper: $1,600

The Whisper slices through the water effortlessly and its light weight makes coastal cruising a delight.

This fast, stable recreational tandem is a fantastic value and a must see!

Old Town Castine: $800

The Old Town Castine is a day touring kayak built for the perfect balance of comfort and performance.

This kayak is perfectly suited for the larger paddler. With the ACS2 seat, you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud all day long. Get a great kayak for an even better deal!