Used Inventory

NDK Triton: $4050

The Triton is fast and maneuverable.  Its speed is unmatched.  A double sea kayak, ideal for weekend and week-long expeditions.

Wanna roll?  Yes! The Triton rolls on demand with ease.  Rescuing the double is easy too, as water in the cockpits drains quickly when raising the bow.  The Triton is a high performance, svelte sea kayak for paddlers who desire a fast, seaworthy double kayak.

Come see us for more details on this spectacular deal on the world’s best tandem!

P&H Aries 155: $2,500

The Aries takes the ground-breaking design of the Delphin and refines it, making it truly come alive in the surf, as well as on short to mid-length expeditions.

This example features a 1.0 sq m Flat Earth high performance sail rig and a retractable center board for added stability.

Check out the Aries 155 underway in open water off the coast of Fort Moultire…

Simple to sail with three lines.  One raises the mast, another lowers the center board and one controls the sail.

Current Designs, Squall: $700

The Squall is a sleek and efficient roto-molded kayak ready for any of the world’s waters.

It’s a sporty day-tripping kayak capable of extended trips, while also delivering great performance and fun.  An adjustable seat backrest is standard.

Venture Islay 14 SOT: $700

Designed as a performance touring Sit-On-Top, the Islay 14 bridges the gap between a recreational SOT and a traditional closed cockpit touring kayak.

Great deal, like new!

P&H Cetus MV: $3,000

Built to go the distance…

Unsurpassed speed and comfort in a traditional sea kayak, this Cetus leaves the competition in its wake.

A beautiful, like new example!

NDK Romany Classic: $2,500

The kayak that started it all, at a great price!

The Romany is a maneuverable and stable kayak for the medium-sized paddler.  Although designed for ease of handling in rough water, its perfect dimensions make it an enjoyable kayak in meandering creeks and estuaries.

Like new!  It just doesn’t get any better!

P&H Aries 150: $1,400


Own a piece of history!  This pro-paddler’s kayak is now available to the public!

Day touring or pounding the surf, the versatile Aries 150 is just for you!  Perfect for the medium-sized paddler looking to dominate the sea!

NDK Explorer: $800

The mainstay of our NDK livery needs a new home!

Well loved, at an unbeatable price!  Come see us for more details!