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The P&H Cetus Sea Kayaks – In Charleston
Now Including the Cetus HV, Cetus LV and Cetus MV

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The CETUS Lineup: Those lucky paddleres who visited Sea Kayak Carolina at the 2009 East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival were among the very first in the Americas to paddle the low volume Cetus LV — and shortly after the Cetus family was joined by the mid-volume Cetus MV – and now P&H designers have taken what they learned from the mid- and low volume designs ant re-worked the full-sized boat as the Cetus HV: great handling, sleek kayaks which recognize that not all paddlers are the same size!

PandH Cetus

P&H calls the Cetus "The boat for getting out there and getting away from it all!"
The Cetus is a fast cruiser and has been designed as a load carrier. New in 2008, it remains s a great choice for paddlers looking for a stable expedition boat or a fast, easy to paddle kayak for long distance paddles.

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While the Cetus makes a great expidition kayak, its designers are fast to point out that it's not just a kayak for long trips — it's equally capable being used as a fast day cruiser. The Cetus family (including the LV, and MV in addition to the original high volume model) also sees a resurrection of a concept played around with ten years ago and more recently in it's P&H sibling, the Scorpio: a fourth hatch is easy reach in front of your cockpit. It's proving more and more popular with paddlers who want somewhere quick and easy to reach to stow a camera or day gear when things are getting a bit rougher.

So what are the design highlights?

Expedition capable: The load carrier of choice, it lets you travel self-supported in comfort with the four hatches it has plenty of storage for equipment

Effortless distance: The length and 'shallow V-hull' add up to a fast, efficient boat that won't take any time at all to reach the horizon

Easy to paddle: The fairly wide hull means rock solid stability whether you're traveling loaded or not

               “After much searching online for details about this boat,
                I can only say that what limited info I found was dead
                on. This boat is sweet!”

We've done the searching for you. Scroll down for links to more paddlers' impressions and in-depth reviews —
     ›› Check out What People Are Saying About the Cetus
P&H Cetus
Length: 17’10”
Max. Width: 22.5"
Max Deck Height: 12.2" (front coaming)
Volume: 100 gal.
Cockpit: 34.25"x20"
Weight: 57lbs
Material: Carbon/Kevlar
Optimum Total Load (approx.): 143-297 lbs

Available at Sea Kayak Carolina now from $3,599.

Learn more —
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What People Are Saying About the P & H Cetus

P&H Cetus Sea Kayak Nothing beats paddling the boat yourself, but sometimes it is also helpful to know what others are saying. Follow the links below (links will open in a new window or tab) to read what those who have paddled the Cetus have to say:

Derrick Mayoleth is a paddling ACA certified coach at Rutabaga in Madison, Wisconsin, and the creator of where he posts his thoughts on kayaking and his other interests. Recently he had a chance to re-aquaint himselfp with P&H boats, and the Cetus in particular:
  ›› P&H Cetus kayak review

               “the Cetus, at over 17 feet, is longer
                than what we typically think of as
                an instructor boat, but it’s nimble
                enough to chase students and
                make the coach look like a super
                -human paddler type.”

Garth Schmeck is a P&H Paddler. who's had a few chances to paddle the Cetus. Check out his impressing from a day spent with a group of paddlers at the Mendocino Sea Caves:
  ›› Cetus in Sea Caves
And don't miss his Cetus photos and more thoughts on the boat.

Sea Kayaker Magazine YouTube video on the P&H Cetus: A careful walk through, looking at the Cetus from all angles and noting the particular design and manufacturing characteristics that give the boat its unique character.

Folks developing the Scottish Kayak Trail are receiving sponsorship from P&H. While maintaining some loyalty to his trusted Nordkapp, Simon Willis is pleased to have a pair of Cetus to try out.
›› Check out his video, review video, and paddling impressions

More news from the Highlands, Cailean’s Blog "about sea kayaking & life in the Highlands" hosts a "mini review" which is, in fact, rather in depth.
›› Read it here: Cetus mini review

So, the Cetus has had a good deal of press. You can learn more at the following sites:

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 ›› Some Cetus photos in this tongue-in-cheek
   entry at the Kayak Quixotica blog

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