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Werner Paddles available in Charleston / James Island / Folly Beach!
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We’ve chosen to carry Werner paddles as some of the highest quality paddling gear available. Werner offers a variety of layups (carbon, fiberglass), bent and straight shafts, standard and small diameter grips, as well as designs for different paddling styles.

Sea Kayak Carolina has a selection of performance Werner sea kayak paddles available for demo paddling.Give us a call, or just stop in, to sign one (or two) out and “try them before you buy them.” No obligations, just try ‘em out.

Visit our shop to discuss which paddle is right for you. You may also want to look at the Werner website to learn more about their design and construction.

Werner Surfs South Carolina Coast!

Cyprus from Werner Paddles on Vimeo. Visit for more Werner videos!

We keep the following models in stock: Carbon models are pictured. Bright, translucent color fiberglass blades are available for some designs. All Werner paddles are available with a straight or bent shaft, and a smaller-diameter shaft that suits those with smaller hands.


  • The Kalliste: Performance Core blades have an exceptionally light buoyant feel and silky smooth strokes that make paddling all day long feel effortless. The ultimate choice for low angle kayakers.
  • Ikelos: Full size Performance Core blades – An aggressive High Angle design for well conditioned, experienced paddlers who want a durable paddle with a powerful catch and smooth linking strokes.
  • Cyprus: Versatile High Angle touring design – The blades are buoyant, light and durable. A powerful catch and smooth linking strokes makes it Werner’s most popular Performance Core high angle blade.
  • Camano: Werner’s most popular award winning Low Angle blade design, offers the perfect combination for paddlers who want gentle power yet use a relaxed all around touring stroke. Also offers the best balance of light swing weight and smooth forward strokes.
  • Corryvrecken: Large High Angle design. Offers full size blades ideal for well conditioned paddlers who want powerful strokes and enhanced blade maneuverability when linking several strokes.
  • Shuna: Werner’s most popular High Angle touring design. The mid-size blades fit a wide range of kayakers and are versatile and easy to use during advanced maneuvers or all around touring.
  • Tybee: A great blade for those that like a faster cadence. An economical choice with glass shaft and carbon reinforced nylon blades; versatile and easy to use for advanced maneuvers or all around touring.