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SKC Certified Repair Centre

Paddle a composite boat long enough and you’ll need gel coat repair. Landing, loadings, scuffs and scratches are realities for boats that we use. The damage isn’t always critical, but it collects, and eventually even a little damage adds up and needs attention. Yes, proper gel coat repair will make your kayak pretty again, but more importantly, it will make the boat sound; strengthen any damaged areas; and keep water from infiltrating your kayak!

Call for an estimate or to schedule an appointment: 843-352-2267

Proven Under-Deck Storage System

Under deck bungee cords secure your gear

Stow your bilge pump, paddle float, sponge securely in your cockpit with under-deck cockpit stowage system!

Only $65 complete for fiberglass kayaks.  Under-deck stowage systems available for some roto-moulded kayak too! Call today to schedule your installation.

Rudder housing repairs and patches to roto-moulded hulls available.

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