Greenland Intensive Workshop

April 6 – 7, 2019

Join Cheri Perry for a Greenland Intensive workshop.

Cheri’s two day session will focus on increasing participants understanding of Greenland Rolling Techniques and the secrets to the rolling progression, as well as an introduction to the mystery of paddling with the Greenland blade. Combining discussions and land exercises with in the water mentoring works to more fully ingrain these basic concepts, enabling continued participant skill growth long after the workshop ends.

Cheri’s passion is sharing the beauty and simplicity of Greenland Rolling Techniques. She believes that having a strong foundation allows one to progress naturally to accomplishing the more difficult rolls. She likes to use land exercises to explain the foundation movements, allowing participants to gain a clear understanding of technique, alleviating fear and preventing confusion during water practice. Cheri’s ability to analyze rolls and offer precise critiques for improvement make her a much sought after instructor.

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