Kayak Charleston by Ralph Earhart

KAYAK CHARLESTON – Essential Local Kayaking Guide Book

Available at Sea Kayak Carolina for only $17— stop by the shop or call (843) 352-2267 to order your copy. Kayak Charleston: Trips within 1 hour of Charleston. Now in it’s third updated edition, and authored by Charleston’s own Ralph Earhart, this must-have book for area paddlers (and paddling visitors) will lead you to over 50 landings and throw-ins. This is the definitive text on paddling in the Charleston area, and a Sea Kayak Carolina best seller! Get your copy today!

What’s New in the 4th Edition?

  • GPS waypoints
  • Expanded coverage, including Beaufort, SC
  • Put-ins from the ACE Basin to the Santee River Delta

When he set down to write his guide, Mr. Earhart said, “When I began kayaking, I found that I tended to paddle in the same area because I was familiar with the landing and tidal conditions. I decided to expand my boundaries and visited the library, kayak shops and bookstores and saw that there was no good guide to kayaking in the local area.” So he wrote the guide himself.

The Kayak Charleston guide provides details needed to find public boat landings even if signs are down. It explains how to use the tides for maximum ease and enjoyment from trips on the area’s many tidal rivers. It provides planning tips and estimated times for trips on the rivers and ocean areas within the greater Charleston area. All of these are details personally acquired through many, many paddling trips; Ralph says, “I have personally visited all the boat landings and made all the trips noted in the guide.” This book is extremely useful for all new area paddlers, as well as the more experienced ones who should branch out on the trips they take.

About the Author:

Ralph Earhart is a 1971 graduate of the US Naval Academy and has spent over 20 years paddling on Charleston’s waters. He paddled more than 2200 miles during the three years spent in preparing this guide. This guide contains detailed directions to 55 landings and throw-ins and suggestions for more than 90 trips. Directions to landings are from Charlestowne Landing State Park, a central location for this area.

Available at Sea Kayak Carolina for only $18— please stop by the shop or call 843-352-2267 to order your copy.