Recreational Kayaks

FeelFree Kayaks: “The Best Feeling on the Water”

We carry FeelFree’s innovative sit-on-top line-up, including the Move, Nomad, Juntose, Corona and Gemini sit-on-tops, as well as the Moken and Lure kayaks, especially suited and outfitted for kayak fishing. In 1993 in New Zealand, the founding Feelfree team studied kayaks in the marketplace and decided some basic but critical features were being overlooked. With those observations they began designing what is now considered among the world’s best recreational kayaks.

Learn more about all these family-friendly kayaks below — Give us a call at 843-352-2267  if you would like to schedule a test paddle or if you would like to make an appointment to see any kayaks.

The Following FeelFree boats are available now:


Move Sit-On-Top by FeelFree

The Move is a versatile single person kayak, and a great place to start your paddling adventures. Designed for paddling in lakes and rivers, it can be equipped with optional thigh straps and used to surf with style. In addition, the Move also provides space for rod holders so it can easily be transformed into a comfortable fishing kayak. Combine its lightweight hull and our popular Wheel in the Keel moving the Move becomes easy for any solo paddler.

At just 9-feet in length the Move is perfect for younger/smaller paddlers, yet it is a versatile kayak capable of serving paddlers up to 240lbs!

Standard Features

  • Innovative molded-in handle doubles as strong point for securing the boat
  • Deluxe comfrotable seat
  • Quarter-turn hatch
  • Self draining cockpit
  • Recessed fittings
  • Drink bottle hold

Dimensions: 9″x 29″
Weight: 42 lbs

Nomad Sit-On-Top by FeelFree

The Nomad is a great all-round single person kayak. Easily maneiverable, it is ready to play in the surf, drift along slow moving streams and rivers or even for anchoring down in your favorite fishing spot while you cast a line. It combines a large ergonomic cockpit, comfort seating system and proven hull design to create an experience on the water that any paddler will enjoy!

Another versatile sit-on-top that can server a wide range of paddlers. A great boat for getting ot and exploring the Lowcountry marshes and waterways.

Standard Features

  • A comfortable and easy to use seat included
  • Self draining cockpit
  • Rubber covered hatches included
  • Drink bottle holders
  • Helpful “wheel-in-the-keel”
  • Strong modern molded-in handle
  • New generation hull edg

Dimensions: 9’6″ x 29″
Weight: 46 lbs

Juntos by FeelFree

The Feelfree Juntos packs utility and performance into one package. With a little more lenght and spped than the smaller Move and Nomad, the Juntos has enough additional space for a small child or pet — This kayak is perfect for the paddler who wants to bring along a partner every now and then. It’s also a great solo kayak and includes the Wheel in the Keel for easy transport on your own as well as a pair of rod holders if you just want to sneak off to a fishing spot by yourself.

Standard Features

  • Deluxe seat
  • Xtra Bow seat pad
  • Wheel in the keel
  • Rubber hatch cover
  • Strong molded-in handles
  • Paddle park
  • Self draining cockpit and drain plug
  • Stern storage area

Dimensions: 11′ 2″x 30.5″
Weight: 60 lbs

Gemini Tandem Sit-On-Top by FeelFree

Fast and fun for two, the Feelfree Gemini is a excellent performing tandem kayak whether you are out for a day exploring, snorkeling, fishing or just having fun with the family. With an extra long hull design, this kayak can easily hold two paddlers plus has space for a child or pet in the center. After a long day on the water, the Gemini is easy to tote around using our proven Wheel in the Keel. This kayak is a great investment towards getting the family out on the water.

Standard Features

  • Two deluxe seats with gear pockets and brass clips
  • Self draining cockpit
  • Two storage hatches included
  • Wheel-in-the-keel
  • Drain plug
  • Strong molded-in handle
  • Molded-in paddle-par

Dimensions: 12′ 6″x 32.5″
Weight: 70 lbs

Corona Family Sit-On-Top by FeelFree

The ultimate family kayak, the Feelfree Corona is comfortable, stable and versatile, with three different seating configurations. The middle section of the kayak can be utilized as a spot for a third paddler or be utilized for solo paddling by taking out the other seats. Whether you’re paddling the Corona solo, tandem or with three paddlers, you’ll find that it handles well on most bodies of water. And with molded in handles and our proven Wheel in the Keel, no one in the family will be complaining when it comes time to move it around!

Standard Features

  • Two deluxe seats with gear pockets and brass clips
  • Self draining cockpit
  • Two storage hatches included
  • Wheel-in-the-keel
  • Drain plug
  • Strong molded-in handle
  • Molded-in paddle-parks

Dimensions: 13′”x 3″
Weight: 61 lbs